Sunday, September 21, 2008

September Thoughts

A few things I'd like to comment on:

1) 1st National Bank of Decatur

Well, it used to be called that. Then they "merged" with Main Street Bank & Trust, then Main Street was purchased by Busey Bank (from Champaign/Urbana.) There are always hiccups when banks change owners and computer systems. One thing that Main Street lost when it became Busey: the personal touch. To get anything done, you have to go through faceless people in Champaign. I'd like to see a Herald & Review "Best of" category for banks and see what the general population has to say. Anyone care to comment?

2) School is back in session

...and I've already been hit up by at least three different groups of kids from different schools asking me to buy something. Raising money for....what? Band instruments? Trips to Venezuela? I heard once that the Mt. Zion Bingo Hall can generate a huge amount of money for any given group almost overnight. My question is this: Why do we need to raise money, and what is it going for? If the answer has anything to do with the Illinois State budget, then watch out... you don't want to get me started.

3) Baseball

Not one but TWO Chicago teams heading to the playoffs? Whoa. Predictions anyone? I think the Cubs have an excellent shot at the NL pennant. The White Sox will have a very large uphill battle to win the AL, but it is indeed possible. With the division series only five games and the LCS being seven, I don't think the White Sox will be able to make it. I give them a 50/50 shot. The Cubs I give a 75% chance at winning the NLCS. Although I would love to see an all-Chicago World Series, I just don't think it's going to happen.

4) Election Time

Speaking of "I just don't think it's going to happen," has anyone heard the latest about Obama? Seems his campaign has been caught lying on national television, and the MSM has been defending RUSH LIMBAUGH, of all people!! Google it; it's there. Predictions here? I think the more the American people take a good long look at both candidates, look at the levels of experience, level-headedness, and how much each candidate's philosophy matches their own, McCain/Palin will emerge victorious. One thing that both parties still haven't mastered yet is knowing the effect of the new media. Dan Rather/forged documents, Plamegate, and now lying in Spanish, the new media will not allow the propaganda to go unchallenged. Maybe this will all lead to people personally researching their candidates and their party, and then making a decision? Not for a while. We have too many people out there that vote for a party much like they do for a sports team--do or die, bad or good, their team is the one. Being a die-hard Cub or Cardinal fan is fine by me--the way the game is played doesn't change all that much; just the players and stadium location. Political parties DO change, and for many reasons. New technology, new national problems, new dictators (trying old tricks), new philosophies changing the platform of each party as time passes, etc. My question here is this: If a party goes from being a defender of the free world, pro-traditional values, and putting defense of country before party ambition =TO= a party of appeasement, anti-traditional values, and putting party before country, does that mean they are the same? No. It doesn't. I have been a registered Democrat. I have been a registered Republican. I now vote based upon how close each candidate's/party's philosophy matches my own philosophy/values. I would encourage you to do the same.

5) State Government

One question: Will we ever get political leaders in Illinois State government that ARE NOT CORRUPT? George Ryan, Rod Blagojevich....and all the people that help(ed) them...

Okay, I think I'm done.

I'm sure that few people read this anymore, except for the other local bloggers. Feel free to comment away....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


What's up in Decatur, Illinois? Well, not a whole heckuvalot. There's nothing to do in Decatur, right? WRONG

The weather's warming up, people are boating, fishing (and I hear a few crappie have been seen!) School will be out soon and then softball and baseball will be in full swing (pun intended.)

Speaking of baseball, how about them Cubbies! They're 14-6 as of today, and in FIRST PLACE! And the White Sox are in FIRST PLACE, too!

At least now there's one thing going Blago's way in Chicago. Piniella better watch out...I think Blago may start a new tax on Cubs' wins to make up for his mismanagement of state funds to date.

More to come...oh, and check out the new Lou Piniella widget!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December's Here...

What is really up with Decatur Illinois?

Well, a few things:

(1) It's finally cold (& icy & snowy, etc.)
(2) There's a push to get rid of the current form of government in Decatur. Is it better or worse. Jackson has been talking about it. I don't know. I would be interested to see what Daniels has to say.
(3) The Fighting Illini football team is going to the Rose Bowl! Nice...I hope they do well.
(4) Gas prices are up and down. No rhyme or reason. I wonder what the oil companies' profits were this year?
(5) Main Street Project (or whatever it's called) is looking good. How about doing that down my street? I just wonder how long before the road sinks and the bricks start sticking up out of the road.
(6) Christmas is a comin'....two weeks from today! Wow. Downtown shops do offer a LOT of ideas, people. If nothing else, walk around, grab some caramel corn or an ice cream...maybe a sub! Enjoy the experience!
(7) Is it me, or does WSOY between 6-9am still sound lame despite the move to downtown?
(8) I'm tired...time to go home.

Comments anyone?

Sunday, September 23, 2007


The Fighting Illini are looking good so far...

Who was that back-up quarterback that played the first week? Hmmmm.

The Bears are getting ready to start. Can they repeat as NFC Champs?

Who was that back-up quarterback...oh yeah...Griese.

Da Cubs.....their magic number is 4. After that they clinch the National League Central Division.

Illinois teams should do decent this year.

Who do you like for the respective leagues mentioned?

Saturday, July 21, 2007


...and humid.

Is it me, or has the heat pretty much stifled any kind of fun outside? I've seen a few boats on the lake (more in the morning early when it's cool and the fish are out.)

The Decatur Celebration is around the corner. I can't find the official site, but the Stage Schedule can be found here.

The Cubs are doing pretty good right now...only 2 1/2 games out of first place. Don't know how long they'll stay there. One can only hope, and pray. (Is next year here?) I'm not sayin' it.

The Farm Progress Show is also opening up soon. It's not just for farmers, by the way. It's also a great way for local businesses to make some extra cash. Check it out!

It's been pretty quiet. If anyone has anything they want to say, have at it.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

...Nice Weather...


It's Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining, burgers are on the grill. It's 84 degrees, there's a slight breeze, and the birds are chirping.